Here’s an approach to purifying water that also clears up confusion.

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Step #1: Find out which USP regulations you need to meet.

If you use ultrapure water, you’re faced with a bewildering array of constantly-evolving regulations, requirements and standards that are enforced by everyone from state and federal governments to customers and trade associations. And even a minor infraction can result in anything from a costly fine to lost income, or even a complete shutdown.

Hemodialysis Reverse Osmosis

USP Water Testing

Keeping up with it all is, literally, a full-time job. Odds are, however, that it’s only one of your many responsibilities.

That’s where a water treatment expert comes in.

An expert will research your application, processes, and all the other requirements and conditions that impact your regulatory environment, and then use that data to determine precisely which regulations you must meet.

But clarifying your regulatory requirements will only clear up part of the confusion.