Flier’s Commercial Reverse Osmosis: Cost-Effective Water Treatment Technology Customized For You

Reverse-Osmosis (RO) is one of the world’s most efficient and cost-effective water treatments available for both small scale and industrial use. However, when building a reverse osmosis system for your organization, you may run into trouble if you don’t build to your exact specifications.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Variables that can affect your system performance include:

  • Feed water characteristics
  • Volume of purified water required
  • Floorspace available
  • Materials of construction
  • Instrumentation required

Flier’s Quality Water Systems will build you a custom RO system to meet your exact requirements. Our expert team will design, size, and configure your reverse osmosis system for maximum performance, removing 95-99% of all particulate contaminants in a cost-effective and efficient way that works for you.

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While other Reverse Osmosis systems are built to standard boilerplate requirements, a Flier’s systems is custom designed for the best performance possible.

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Along with building customized systems, Flier’s is also dedicated to great customer service. We work with you hand in hand to make sure all of your needs are being met and we are building you the most optimized reverse osmosis system you could have.

We pay great attention to our customer’s needs through every step of the process from the design, build and ongoing maintenance. For over 20 years we have taken pride in delivering and supporting systems that work for the long haul.

A Flier’s Reverse Osmosis system can be built for facilities in any industry that requires cost-effective water treatment.


A dialysis provider was having issues with bacteria counts in older, traditional single patient reverse osmosis systems. Flier’s was brought in to provide a customized solution and built a heat sanitizable single patient RO system to replace the original older systems.

The result is that bacteria and toxin levels are now non-detectable with the Flier system. Nursing staff love how easy the Flier system is to use and how little maintenance is required. This custom reverse osmosis system was a win-win for both staff and patients.

Furniture Manufacturing:

A large furniture manufacturer had two major problems: low-quality rinse water was being used in the paint process and too much waste water was going to the local municipality.

Flier’s came in and upgraded their facility with a new high efficiency reverse osmosis system. This allowed them to use lower water volume for paint processes and significantly increased water recovery overall. They now produce less water waste and save on municipal sewage costs.

Paint Manufacturing:

A paint manufacturer needed a reverse osmosis purified water system in an explosion-proof area with limited space and no room for expansion. Flier’s team installed a custom-engineered reverse osmosis system with XP (explosion proof) motors, controls, and other components.

This not only saved the paint manufacturer time and money, but they were able to avoid a costly building expansion and met the construction timeline because they were able to use the existing space.

Office Building:

A large office building was unable to achieve maximum humidifier performance. Excessive scale buildup was determined to be the problem. Flier’s custom created a skid mount reverse osmosis system to feed purified water directly to the humidifiers.

Because of the clean water being fed to them, the humidifiers were able to work at peak performance with drastically reduced maintenance to keep them working perfectly.

Learn how Flier’s custom Reverse Osmosis systems can work for your industry

You have unique needs, and standardized systems will not give you the best performance you can get. Flier’s will deliver you a custom-engineered solution that can solve any of the specific problems that your facility has: footprint limitations, specific regulatory requirements, safety issues, materials requirements, volume requirements and anything else.

A Flier’s custom-built RO system will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective water treatment system that your facility could have because Flier’s takes the extra effort to build a system to your unique needs.

Whether you need a reverse osmosis system for boiler feed water, rinse water, food ingredients, safe drinking water, or anything else, a custom-engineered Flier’s system will work for you. A Flier’s system will reduce 95-99% reduction of contaminants and particulates in the most efficient way possible for your facility.

Kory Koch is a Maintenance & Production Support professional for RWP (Robotic Welded Parts), Inc, a CNC machining and Robotic Automated welding company specializing in high production, high volume processes for the forestry and mining industries.

Kory had Flier Quality Water Systems custom-build a reverse osmosis system back in 2014. Since the installation he has seen some major return on investment:

“Here are the benefits we have seen in using reverse osmosis water with the 24 CNC mills and lathes and 13 water cooled Robotic Welding cells

  1. Significant reduction in the odor of our water-based coolants used in our CNC mills and lathes.
  2. Reduction of breakdown and separation in our water-based coolants.
  3. No more calcium, lime and other mineral deposits in the water coolers of our Robotic Welding Cells tanks, lines, torches and nozzles.
  4. Total elimination of foaming in our machining coolants. This has eliminated the need to add an anti-foaming agent to our machining coolants.
  5. Longer coolant life and fewer complete coolant system changes.
  6. Elimination of individual filter systems on our water cooler Robotic Welding Cells.
  7. Extension in service intervals of our cooling systems.

 Thanks Flier’s!”

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