Ultraviolet purification is the most effective technology there is for protecting water against contamination. Flier’s Quality Water Systems offers both standard and custom UV solutions for your most stringent water purification standards.

Flier’s UV purification systems meets absolute purity standards to comply with strict FDA requirements in food, beverage and medical applications. We will work with you to install the UV purification unit that meets your specifications and ensures federal compliance to all applicable laws.

With both Pre-UV systems (upstream of reverse-osmosis) and Post-UV systems (downstream of reverse-osmosis), Flier’s UV purification systems can take care of all of your most rigorous water purification needs:

  • Disinfection
  • Chlorine destruction
  • Chloramine destruction
  • TOC reduction
  • Ozone destruction

Learn how Flier’s UV Purification system can exceed your requirements

Flier’s will work with you to build a UV purification system that works with your unique situation and specifications.

Specifications we will consider when building your system will include:

  • Feed water characteristics
  • Flow rates
  • Point of use standards
  • System configuration including sizing, flange or sanitary piping connections
  • Instrumentation and control options
  • Electrical control cabinet electrical rating

Flier’s Quality Water Systems exceeds industry standards for customer service. We put in the extra effort up front to make sure specifications are met and follow through with excellent 24/7 customer service to ensure systems are always up and running.

For over 20 years Flier’s has helped organizations overcome water purification challenges while helping achieve better efficiency and lower costs.

Just see what some of our customers have to say:

“Ed and his service tech did a beautiful job installing our new chemical-free iron eradication system. The results are amazing! The system accomplished everything we hoped for and more.”

-Bruce B | Kalamazoo, MI

 “Excellent news! The brine pump just arrived, and our maintenance technician is already working on installation. Many thanks for the rapid response and follow-up by everyone involved. The Flier’s team made it possible for us to get our brine system back in service with a minimum amount of downtime! Very impressive turnaround!”

-Jeff Shina | Cytec Industries Inc.


Talk to us about overcoming your water purification challenges today

Flier’s has helped organizations across many different industries achieve their goals for water purity with UV purification systems.

Food and Beverage:

 Leaving no residual traces in the water, Flier’s UV purification is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution for the Food and Beverage industry. We engineer, install and support UV purification systems for some of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers.

Our standard and application-specific UV purification systems provide top-level performance with low total life cycle costs while meeting the highest standards for purity, productivity and profitability.

The benefits of Flier’s UV purification for Food and Beverage industry include:

  • Consistently high product quality and value
  • Improved process efficiency and economy
  • Lower total water costs
  • Greater plant wide productivity
  • Low-cost FDA regulatory compliance
  • Higher final margins

Medical, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical:

 Flier’s customers across the scientific and medical industries rely on Flier’s UV purification systems to help them stay in compliance with strict water purification standards and deliver the purest water possible for their groundbreaking work.

  • For laboratories:We design, install, support and service laboratory water filtration systems with pre-UV and post-UV purification to deliver pure and ultrapure flows that comply with ASTM, CAP and CLSI-standards. Our systems will help you hit your targets for purity, productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • For pharmaceutical companies:Our USP- and FDA-compliant UV purification solutions ensure ultrapure water for production, injection, hemodialysis and other medical uses. We help our customers achieve superior, repeatable pharmaceutical product quality through all stages
  • For universities and hospitals:Flier’s healthcare, university and institutional UV purification systems protect your personnel, patients, processes and physical plant. Our solutions are custom designed to help you meet your most most stringent ultrapure requirements including: EPA, OSHA, CDC, ASHRAE, AAMI, JCAHO, and all other applicable regulations.

Other industries where Flier’s has helped businesses achieve their goals with UV Purification systems include:

  • Aquaculture
  • Marine
  • Microelectronics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Recreational Water

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