Pump design, materials and construction will vary greatly, depending upon the application, and the characteristics of the water being pumped.



Application:  To increase feed water pressure to a level that safely meets the performance requirements of an RO system (usually 20 PSI). Booster pumps are also used in custom applications to increase the PSI for water supply systems.

Variables to Consider:

  • Incoming feed pressure
  • Required outlet pressure (for example, RO systems usually require 20 psi minimum)
  • Multiple control options (including variable frequency drives)



Application:  To transfer RO-treated water from the purification process, to storage, and then to the point of use.

Variables to Consider:

  • Construction: to maintain the treated water’s purity, pumps must use stainless steel or plastic components
  • Capacity and speed: sufficient flow velocity must be maintained to prevent bacteria growth
  • To transfer RO water form storage tanks to points of use through post-treatment equipment

Commercial Water Purification