Manufacturing Water Filtration

From LIGHT MANUFACTURING to HEAVY MANUFACTURING… we engineer, install, and service the water purification systems that YOU RELY ON.

Flier’s water treatment solutions for light to heavy-manufacturing can be configured to meet any plant’s requirements — from type I to USP grades, from basic filtration and softening, to facility-wide closed loop reuse, recycling and zero discharge systems. Flier’s offers complete manufacturing water filtration solutions. We’ll supply the expertise, systems, and 24-7 service to maximize your water systems’ contribution to your bottom line.


Cost-effective manufacturing water filtration system designs

  • Standard and custom engineered systems engineered to provide highest performance at lowest overall cost,

Economical compliance

  • Systems designed to meet all FDA, OSHA and other state, federal and regional environmental and workplace safety regulations
  • Wide range of systems and approaches to satisfy process, industrial and institutional standards and requirements.

Enhanced product and process quality

  • Higher, more consistent water quality means better, more predictable and consistent process results.
  • Better final product purity, finish and function.

Decreased overall production costs

  • Reduced scrap, reject and rework
  • Higher quality allows faster, more efficient process operation, and lower per-unit costs

Decreased utility costs

  • Reduced water consumption means lower inlet, treatment, and outflow costs.
  • More efficient and effective filtration process reduce overall per-gallon treatment costs

Increased water filtration system and plant uptime

  • Less planned and unplanned filtration system downtime maximizes plant wide uptime
  • High filtration quality extends equipment life, reduces maintenance, and curtails unplanned downtime.

Decreased manufacturing water filtration system life cycle costs

  • System technologies reduce maintenance and replacement requirements
  • Economical acquisition costs along with longer effective system lifecycles means faster payback, with more years of lower costs and higher profitability.

Commercial Water Purification