Untreated irrigation water can destroy your soil, plants, and equipment – along with your reputation and your bottom line.

Fliers Quality Water
It doesn’t matter what you grow, where you grow it, or how you grow it… treated irrigation water will protect your soil, plants and equipment – along with your reputation and your bottom line.

1. Treated irrigation water will improve soil conditions and equipment uptime.

Whether you’re drawing from a well, a municipal system, or a body of water, your irrigation feed contains harmful elements – which begin causing trouble and costing money as soon as they enter your system.  A well-engineered treatment system keeps these sediments, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), excess minerals and other contaminants out of your irrigation system, so they can’t damage equipment, or degrade soil quality.


Treated feed water increases chances for higher quality yields.

2. Treated irrigation water will enhance plant and produce quality.

A custom water treatment system designed specifically for your conditions not only removes contaminants, but also maintains proper pH and other levels, even under changing conditions, to boost growth, and ensure better produce taste, nutrition, and appearance. One of our experts will research your application, processes, and all the other requirements and conditions that impact your regulatory environment, and then use that data to determine precisely which regulations you must meet.