Silt, organic matter, fine particulates and other solid contaminants are best handled by multi-media filters — which remove these contaminants, and reduces the silt density index (SDI) of the feed water to acceptable levels, which protects downstream components from expensive damage.


  • Particulate size and composition
  • Flow rates
  • Compatible tank materials (steel or FRP)
  • top mount control valve, or valve nest.



  • General filtration
  • Reduction of SDI (Silt Density Index)
  • Removes particles from water down to 15 microns



  • Food and Bev
  • RO system pretreatment
  • Boiler or Cooling tower feed



When do I need a multimedia filter? Perform a silt density index (SDI) test on the feed water. An SDI of 5 or above will dramatically effect RO membrane performance — and indicates the need for multimedia filtration.

Why is the pressure drop across my multimedia filter so high? A high ΔP (pressure drop) across the filter shows that it is clogged.  First, thoroughly backwash the filter to remove the particles clogging the media. Sometimes a clogged drain line flow control will keep the filter from backwashing at a high enough flow rate to backwash effectively.

What are common service issues with multimedia filters? Look for water running continuously to drain, system not backwashing properly, or a clogged drain line flow control.