“Excellent news! The brine pump just arrived, and our maintenance technician is already working on installation. Many thanks for the rapid response and follow-up by everyone involved. The Flier’s team made it possible for us to get our brine system back in service with a minimum amount of downtime! Very impressive turnaround!”


-Jeff Shina | Cytec Industries Inc.

“Flier’s Quality Water was recently recommended to us and we used them for the first time. They took the guesswork out of the process for our clients when it came to their water purification needs. First off, they designed the system according to the exact requirements that stemmed from the tests they ran on the actual source water. Then, they solved any problem that arose right away and fully designed a flawless system. What it boils down to is that they took complete ownership of the project and provided a turnkey solution. The end result was a truly efficient system for our client. We will certainly use them again in the future when any of our client’s require quality water purification.”


– Jim Conner |  Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer at Triangle Associates”

“We are a CNC machining and Robotic Automated welding company specializing in high production, high volume processes for the forestry and mining industries. We had Flier’s Quality Water Systems intall a Reverse Osmosis system in our facility in 2014. Since that time, we have seen significant benefits of this R/O system in both divisions of our company.


Here are the benefts we have seen in using RO water with the 24 CNC mills and lathes and 13 water cooled Robotic Welding cells

  1. Significant reduction in the odor of our water-based coolants used in our CNC mills and lathes.
  2. Reduction of breakdown and separation in our water-based coolants.
  3. No more calcium, lime and other mineral deposits in the water coolers of our Robotic Welding Cells tanks, lines, torches and nozzles.
  4. Total elimination of foaming in our machining coolants. This has eliminated the need to add an anti-foaming agent to our machining coolants.
  5. Longer coolant life and fewer complete coolant system changes.
  6. Elimination of individual filter systems on our water cooler Robotic Welding Cells.
  7. Extension in service intervals of our cooling systems.

Thanks Flier’s!”

-Kory Koch | Maintenance & Production Support | RWP, Inc.

“Ed and his service tech did a beautiful job installing our new chemical-free iron eradication system. The results are amazing! The system accomplished everything we hoped for and more.”


-Bruce B | Kalamazoo, MI

Commercial Water Purification